AND GF-200 Analitycal Balance 210g X 0.001g

  • Patented SHS weighing technology for high speed & accurate results
  • Robust design is flexible & efficient for lab benches or automated processes
  • Diverse selection of Internal(GX) & External(GF) cal model with a broad range of capacities & resolutions

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Increase Productivity

  • Super Hybrid Sensor provides fast measurements and accurate results
  • Face tough environments with “Auto Response Speeds” that minimize the effects of drafts & vibrations
  • Receive the best accuracy and precision with one-touch cal – whether it be external or automatic motorized internal calibration.
  • Auto Self Cal (ASC) makes automatic adjustments if ambient temperature changes or after time intervals pass

Robust Construction

  • Easy-to-clean keypad, antistatic glass, stainless steel pan & die cast aluminum housing are robust enough to be dust & splash proof
  • Easy-to-read Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD) provides clear and wide-angle visibility even in dimly–lit areas.

Data Compliance

  • GLP/GMP/ISO compliant with time/date signatures and ID numbers
  • Data Memory functions allows easy storage & export via RS232 or Quick USB with use of WinCT software communication tool


GF External Calibration
GF-200 210g 0.001g External n/a  IP54
GF-300 310g 0.001g
GF-400 410g 0.001g
GF-600 610g 0.001g
GF-800 810g 0.001g
GF-1000 1100g 0.001g
GF-1200 1210g 0.01g
GF-2000 2100g 0.01g
GF-3000 3100g 0.01g
GF-4000 4100g 0.01g
GF-6100 6100g 0.01g
GF-6000 6100g 0.1g
GF-8000 8100g 0.1g

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GF-1000, GF-1200, GF-200, GF-2000, GF-300, GF-3000, GF-400, GF-4000, GF-600, GF-6000, GF-6100, GF-800, GF-8000