AND GX-200 Analitycal Balance 210g X .001g

  • Smart-SHS advanced technology increases performance and productivity
  • Innovative solutions to meet demands in validation, compliance, protection
  • Factory tough and laboratory precise

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Advanced Sensor Technology for Reliable Results

Smart-SHS is the latest advancement in hybrid weigh cell design.

  • Increased productivity with 1 second stabilization time
  • Lower cost of ownership due to reduced number of parts and maintenance accessibility


Easy Diagnostics at the Touch of a Button

Electronically Controlled Load performs a self diagnostic check and an internal repeatability test without an external weight in less than 2 minutes.

  • Easily integrate a diagnostic check into your operation procedures
  • Streamline a manual and time consuming verification process
  • Piece of mind that your balance is meeting specifications even in difficult environments

Ensure Compliance with QuickMin-S 

Determine minimum sample weight in any given environment with QuickMin-S. If a sample is weighed beneath the determined minimum weight, Min-S Alert will flash on the display ensuring compliance with USP 41.

  • Easily calculate the minimum sample weight to USP 41 at the installation location





Model Capacity Readability Calibration IP Rating
GX-A Internal Calibration
GX-203A 220g 0.001g Internal (ASC) IP54
GX-303A 320g 0.001g Internal (ASC) IP54
GX-403A 420g 0.001g Internal (ASC) IP54
GX-603A 620g 0.001g Internal (ASC) IP54
GX-1003A 1100g 0.001g Internal (ASC) IP54
GX-1603A 1620g 0.001g Internal (ASC) IP54
GX-2002A 2200g 0.01g Internal (ASC) IP54
GX-3002A 3200g 0.01g Internal (ASC) IP54
GX-4002A 4200g 0.01g Internal (ASC) IP54
GX-6002A 6200g 0.01g Internal (ASC) IP54
GX-10002A 10200g 0.01g Internal (ASC) IP54
GX-6001A 6200g 0.1g Internal (ASC) IP54
GX-10001A 10200g 0.1g Internal (ASC) IP54
GF-A External Calibration
GF-123A 120g 0.001g External IP54
GF-203A 220g 0.001g External IP54
GF-303A 320g 0.001g External IP54
GF403A 420g 0.001g External IP54
GF603A 620g 0.001g External IP54
GF-1003A 1100g 0.001g External IP54
GF-1603A 1620g 0.001g External IP54
GF-1202A 1200g 0.01g External IP54
GF-2002A 2200g 0.01g External IP54
GF-3002A 3200g 0.01g External IP54
GF-4002A 4200g 0.01g External IP54
GF-6002A 6200g 0.01g External IP54
GF-10002A 10200g 0.01g External IP54
GF-6001A 6200g 0.1g External IP54
GF-10001A 10200g 0.1g External IP54

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