AND HR-100A Analitycal Balance 102g X 0.1mg con interface RS-232

Small but mighty – a user friendly balance that fits any budget

  • C-SHS patented weighing technology provides superior price to performance
  • Lean compact design makes this our smallest analytical that save on space
  • Shatterproof breeze break is ideal for regulated FDA/HACCP environments

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Clean, Fast & Safe

The breeze break detaches in seconds, even with heavy gloves. This makes cleaning easier and enables top-loading operation.

The 2-second stabilization time increases productivity by delivering fast results. The HR-A/AZ lets you perform frustration-free weighing down to a resolution of 0.1 mg.

The rugged, shatterproof breeze break with anti-static coating makes the HR-A/AZ safe for FDA applications, but beyond environments where contamination is a concern, this Analytical balance is perfect for laboratory, quality control and production environments that require performance in a compact footprint.

Saves Space

Rotary doors mean that the balance takes up no extra space when the doors are open. The HR-A Series is perfectly at home in the tight confines of glove boxes and fume hoods. Crowded academic lab benches are no problem: set-up 2 balances back-to-back.

The top of the breeze break also pivots open, so access to beakers and flasks is easy.

Model Capacity Readability Calibration
HR-100A 102g 0.1mg External
HR-100AZ 102g 0.1mg Internal
HR-150A 152g 0.1mg External
HR-150AZ 152g 0.1mg Internal
HR-200A 252g 0.1mg External
HR-250AZ 252g 0.1mg Internal
HR-202i 51g / 220g 0.01mg / 0.1mg External
HR-300i 320g 0.1mg External



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HR-100A, HR-100AZ, HR-150A, HR-150AZ, HR-250A, HR-250AZ